Monday, February 27, 2012

Clearing and Healing sessions ~ with Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael ~ Reiki Master

Transpersonal Counseling Sessions ~ Clearings, Healing and Aligning. Blessings Roshandra * Reiki Master * Arch Angel Raphael 


 All healing begins with ' you'...every person carries the frequencies that will allow yourself to self heal and clear and release energies that are manifesting as Blocks, Patterns, and Feelings that no longer are serving you or your life...

              Holding ' an energy space' my work aids you to go into the Safe environment to Heal and Clear your blocks or peel the onion off the layers of around the problem. A combination of ENERGY and Psychology opens up the Trigger points of what created the block and releases it safely. You will have 'flashes' of past lives, or when this block or pattern became part of your way of thinking and feeling. It is then that the actual Healing takes place and a lightness occurs. Tears, euphoric feelings, or aha moments. Once a session is in progress you will feel this experience and be engaged in a deeply intense but gentle method of dissolving the structures that held these frequencies blocked. Once this resonance is hit upon you will naturally let things go and if you are ready to experience Resolution and great Relief. My work with you merely HOLDS this Space and i GUIDE the process with the Energy doing the work. You will FEEL your inner SOURCE of Light open up and a connection to this Source and FLOW then.  There is a feeling of Unconditional LOVE and of Great Comfort. 

With the sessions there is often ' homework'..this will aid you to Anchor and make sure the patterns we released in your session stays clear. The homework also is empowering you to have a tool to work with a technique that you can apply later for similar moments of helping yourself to clear more on other matters. 

We are all capable at any given moment to come into Balance and Natural Alignment and FLOW with our OWN Higher Selves and our Hearts and our Pathways. Our bodies express the blocks in our energy so we can discover something and we can Heal and Grow. Our emotional feelings must clear and flow so we feel the natural state of Love and Joy and Happiness. When we are in need of Clearing or Processing some things out we get blocked. We also carry over past life lessons that we can clear and change the patter lessons this represents. We can also bring about better health and well being in our body and emotions with clearings and getting to the Core Issues. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I have been aiding my people and clients all over the world doing clearing and counseling sessions that will bring about a very powerful loving experience and change in your energy patterns. 

The Sessions are One Hour long and done LONG DISTANCE and on line. 
Real Time via my gmail Angelic Healing cyber Space. I am a Reiki Master. My gifts for long distance healing and larger animals such as horses ..has allowed me to work powerfully long distance and allows you to be in the privacy of your own space doing this work. My people ALL say the SAME THING....they FEEL if i am standing in the room with them and aiding their process and clearing is very much FELT DIRECTLY.  This how long distance healing does work.

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Transpersonal counseling and healing sessions with Roshandra
and email me for Booking a Session...Namaste...

Blessings Roshandra ~ Reiki Master 
Arch Angel Raphael  ~ i am an Angelic Human and a Magnetic Healer as well..
.Long Distant Healer....Blessings


  1. Susie Ekberg Risher I can only say that I was divinely led to Roshandra Simone - I have no problems with the higher realms and chakras, but man, those lower chakras are toughies! But Roshandra was able to help ease me through my blockages and help ground me a new way that brings me real clarity and total healing. She is very gifted in the ways of holistic healing and I am a VERY picky client - I hardly trust ANYONE to work with me, but Roshandra? Trusted her immediately and for me, that's saying something! ♥
    1 February at 16:09

  2. Diane Canfield ‎Roshandra Simone did the most amazing energy work on me. She took a part of my energy and balanced it out. I so appreciate it Roshandra. She is very powerful and I highly recommend her. Many times when we have gifts we can not always give these gifts to ourselves.. they need to come through someone else as this is the Divine plan for us to work with others to show us we are all interconnected and we all have our gifts that we can use to help others.

  3. Laurie Boggs-Moon
    Thank you for answering my questions! I love how you trust and have the faith! Your an example and portal for all of us to learn by! I feel so elated and grateful and honored to be in your presence. Thank you for your support! I am endorsing your page.....because I HIGHLY recommend YOU! Love you Laurie and Preston from Heaven:) XOXO

    a recent clearing session today .. involved a past incident from 12 years ago and some other current matters...when a clearing occurs our lives move forward was delight to be of service Laurie...thank you for working with me on this and i am most happy for what transpired..Namste...

    What Happened? Drunk Driving story, effects of Alcohol, people died, multiple miscarriages, infertil
    Laurie is a bereaved parent that survived a drunk driving crash, killing her only child. She is an author, public speaker, inspirational teacher that shares her gifts of joy with the whispers from her son. She offers emotional support to understand why tragedy happens.

  4. Angela Tyman Roshandra is a truly gifted healer. The energy clearing sessions brought up and cleansed so many things that were slowing me down. I am a Reiki Master and can attest that in order to keep your vibration at an optimum level ~ to consult and connect with someone who works from a pure place of Love as Roshandra does ~ is a blessing. Once the session was complete ~ everything moved fast ~ cleared fast ~ moved forward. Amazing! Thank you. Namaste. <3
    24 July at 16:16

  5. Sue Simms
    Thanks to my dear friend, teacher and healer Roshandra. The clearing that you facilitated was transformational! I couldn't have done it without you! Roshandra Simone Sue Simms you are most welcome..i am so glad you talked to me on that and were trusting enough to be able to go with the guidance..the clearing was a truly remarkable session for myself as well and it was all the way back to Atlantis..i can't explain to people how this Clearing and Healer work works..but..i just SEE the THREAD to gently PULL or the spot in TIME AND SPACE to aid my person with and then ..hold the Space for them to do their part and this empowers's truly Miracle level in feeling..again Sue....i thank you also for your ability to move thru all you are doing right now and your courage and faith to clear and help those that were around this energy block...i still hear those souls you helped in your clearing saying THANK YOU to you...many Blessings and Namaste..Roshandra * ARch Angel Raphael ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and much love

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  7. Samantha Ray....Roshandra, thank you so much for the powerful clearing session you did with me. I was able, with your assistance, to work through a powerful wall of resistance and find my way to the other side. It was a life changing process, I now feel as if I am operating from an entirely new control panel!!
    I feel expanded, enhanced, and 'out of my own way' in a deeply satisfying way!

    Your support afterwards, helping me through the residual psychic detox was immeasurably helpful. You didn't just help me and drop me - you were there for me until I was FULLY on the other side of it, and this helped me to stay present to my deep process - a process that could have been disturbing (or dismissed) and I may not have fully completed without the continuing support.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the assistance as well as the gift of your presence.
    NAMASTE and much love,

  8. Jessica Lynn

    I met Roshandra in the spring of 2012 because of our love for Mt Shasta and the area around it.

    Roshandra helped me move some stuck energy that had me living in a place that did not support me or my fur family. She did a puja for me which I followed through on that moved me to my perfect place in a very short amount of time.

    I have done the full and new moon candle work with Roshandra for the past year and it is amazing how she can line up the work, meditations, colors et al with what is going on on the planet and I can share with you that it further helped me to heal issue in my life, move me to a new and wonderful home, and helped me to build my business as well.

    Roshandra does amazing work and is an amazing person and healer!

    Jessica Lynn