Friday, January 26, 2018

CANCER Full moon January 31, 2018 and Eclipse by Roshandra * Arch ANGEL GABRIEL

Hello everyone  It has been a while since I posted on my blog and YIKES been so busy.
VERY INTENSE end of this month coming
Message from Roshandra * Arch ANGEL GABRIEL
Get ready for an emotional and self nourishment time and a ride as waves of emotional charges and residual wounds will COME UP.
We are all GOING THROUGH FEELING "OFF" lately due to the major Planetary energy swings and upshifts. Political world is in a re-booting with President TRUMP love or hate him, but he is part of this mix and is helping on Chaos so things can break open after the clearing and delving deep down into the Swamp of D.C and other aspects to this world agenda. WE ARE all in changes and necessary for people to WAKE UP and break the Cognitive Dissonance and SEE what is really been going on before our EYES. So much CORRUPTION and Mis-use of money and agendas.
NOW, as to the Planetary impacts and lunar influence and changes and how this charges our own bodies and emotions.
THE MOON IS A SENDING sphere for a PULSE that goes out and impacts our tidal waves and our psychic astral dimensions. PEOPLE FEEL the moon time and either PURGE, DREAM, Act out stuff or in some cases can actually WORK with the TIME via Meditation and QUIET and Focus. THE MOON impacts all of us whether you wish to admit it or not.'s a Satellite positioned to do something we barely understand other than the fact it does NOT ROTATE.
THIS MOON is in CANCER and there will be a major what is called a BLOOD MOON it is going to be INTENSE and EMOTIONS and old SHELLS will break you open and self purging will go on as well as PURIFICATION. via emotions and the SOUL of the matter. You cannot avoid or SIDE-STEP this and remain in a SHELL.
There is a MOON-PUA on line 3 day class I offer to help those Sensitive and Lunar types navigate this time. Please contact me privately to sign up for the class and there is tuition. Do tell your friends and ask questions. BLESSINGS Roshandra * Arch ANGEL GABRIEL



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DIVINE FEMININE and 12:12:2015 Changes you are all FEELING and why?

On 12:12 we experience a major WAVE of energy that has caused a major WAKE up and SHAKE up.  A rapid peeling off of blocks, Awakening and CHANGES...  We are in a LIGHT upshift process that are moving through self-purging, false flags around the world that that SEE now is an orchestrated ongoing event for miss purposes, and your own energy BODY FEELS something within your realm of sensing this CHANGE.   Time lines are in flux, but spiritual energies are RISING and as things come together you will begin to sense all of this.  

The DIVINE FEMININE, through the Earth, Sophia Gaia is being experience as her LIGHT is rising now.  Many feel it in their body, from under their feet and also in a large beautiful white spirit light connecting to them, protecting them, and giving us this feeling of Earth Mother Divine FEMININE energy.   It is amazing right now.  The purity of this, the sense of grounding to the earth as a spirit body of light and as a human being.  We are truly in an amazing Change,

Namaste, Blessings Roshandra * Arch ANGEL GABRIEL  Arch ANGEL RAPHAEL

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WIRN Radio host Joey GIGGLES Joseph Aquilino REIKI Session with Roshandra - long distance

A truly sweet guy, Joey is WIRN Radio personality and does on line BOOK AUTHOR and Spiritual interview talks.  He suffers from pain from his chronic illness.  I had the honor of working with him a few weeks ago, long distance, to ease his pain and get the energy moving in the meridians where the pain and discomfort in his body lodged.   In the short 15 minute REIKI sending sessions I moved his "CHI" energy and manage to instantly life his discomfort and his  mood too with it.  Chronic pain is debilitating and wears a person down.   By the time we did the third session, short ones three days in a row, he was feeling very different.  Now, along with some suggestions for his detoxing and healthy foods to help augment this and some SITTING YOGA which one can do with amazing results, the next part is to begin to keep the system brighter so the pain can keep abating.  Here is JOEY"S testimony.   Blessings Roshandra * REIKI Master  * Arch Angel Raphael    You can SEE JOEY is a BRIGHT guy.  His energy and UPBEAT personality is real. Love You.
So glad Joey I could help you and work with you.  Namaste and Blessings Always

From JOEY 11:25:2015  Roshandra has helped me a lot and given lots of great information on how to make my body healthy... she also did some energy healing on me, which I actually felt her in my body with her energy, helping me rid of my pain and IBS problems... I do appreciate her great time and effort in trying to help me and I will recommend her to anyone out there for energy healing and knowledge on staying healthy... Thank you again

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TOUGH changes, past four Blood Moon cycles and HUGE Cleansings going on.. LET GO by Roshandra REIKI master

 Hi everyone, my goodness it is been INTENSE, TOUGH and on going deeply PURGING out inner gunk and stuff and patterns along with grief and exhaustion.
WHY are we going through so Much?  
Dream time is exhausting.
Our acceleration and time line merging is all part of this and the collapsing 3rd Dimensional way we function.  Our night sleep is filled with processes, other dimensional downloads and our own messages sometimes as guidance too.   Because we are a major energy rising field of experience 'change' we must all go through what is termed our body consciousness and our spirit of our Soul awakening so both parts embody together into our vessel this LIGHT we are.   Our Soul is in your body.  Our LIGHT or crystalline light self or Spirit is the consciousness that carries a connection to what is called SOURCE or God or Unified Field of creation.   It is meant to be with our human now experience and in this incarnation we chose to be in the changes on our planet to be part of.  Humanity is changing to embody this aspect of self as Higher Light and be on this RIDE with the planet Awakening Herself of Sophia Gaia.  She is a LIVING Spirit too.   We are all dealing with huge emotional waves of feelings and collective dharma shifting and consciousness breaking open through this Christ Mind.   

If you need some aid in CLEARING or RETREAT to Shasta for quiet or Healing and GUIDANCE please do email for setting up a session or booking a retreat.  Also, FENG SHUI energy long distance or in person house clearing and consultation for Feng Shui for home or business or grid ley line clearing.  This is all part of the services and work that I provide for clients.  

There are on going bi-monthly moon PUJA classes with Meditation and Puja for each person for the doorway energies and manifesting with this Lunar focus time.  VERY POWERFUL how this works and aids process or further clearing of your energy FIELD.   

Namaste Roshandra, 
Arch ANGEL Raphael 

Monday, August 24, 2015

THE Moon, the moon, THE MOON MADNESS by Roshandra

THE MOON energy and the portal doorway this is for you/us if you meditate on the FULL MOON and the NEW MOON each key phase cycle WHY?.....

We are experiencing a direct relationship to these 
LUNAR key times two times a month and a LUNAR influence like never before felt.  WHY?   Well, partly due to this AWAKENING of Conscious and our Ascension of our Planet SOPHIA Gaia Earth into higher energy planes now.   It is all connected.  Our Moon is a doorway to other Dimensions and something more too.
Our SOULS..the Psyche in our nature is influenced by the 3 days that leads up to a Full or New moon phase and 3 days through the moon phase.  THIS means that 6 to 7 days a month times two or around 12-14 days which is half the month, we//you are in the energy pull of the PSYCHIC realms and 4th Dimensional ASTRAL zones.  
The MOON as she is becoming more keyed to this process and alignment going on with the other planets, galactic energies and our own earth, sun and this moon energy, we are sensing something BIG coming around Revealing this EVENT to us.
THE MOON is a doorway and to higher Dimensions or a Portal or GATEWAY.
On the moon there are 'bases' and on the dark side of our moon are many stations of other forms of visiting lives that are space originated.  What does that all mean?  Well as things reveal themselves, we are feeling this LUNAR LUNACY MADNESS. 
Did we land on the MOON?
 Was it contrived?
 Is the MOON more than a reflective mass in the sky that sits stationary?
Is there LIFE up there more than the MAN IN THE MOON?
Meantime if you MEDITATE on the MOON KEY TIMES, get quiet, go inward, you will be aligning now with some psyche level energies that will guide you into seeing what this energy is meant to aid you/us with.  What it is meant to do.
It SHIELDS us and it is a BROADCASTING Body that SHEDS reflective LIGHT down upon us and KINDLES our DREAMS, Moves our Ocean Tides and Waves and it is the ROMANCE of something unspoken. 

For those interested please email me Roshandra at
for Bi Monthly Moon Meditation PUJA Group and classes.
Thank you and MOON BLESSINGS

PISCES FULL MOON August 29th, 2015
COMING 4th BLOOD MOON September 28th, 2015
MOON Puja private on line CLASSES on FACEBOOK


Monday, July 20, 2015

Recent Client in Silicon Valley. Holistic Practitioner Johanna Rosen

Hi Roshandra,

I´m just finishing up at home today before leaving for Sweden in the afternoon:-) Hope you had a great weekend!

I just wrote a testimony for you:  July 20, 2015
"I´m a Holistic Practitioner spending lots of time working at Bayclub Cupertino, where I also met Roshandra the first time. Even living and working with a holistic approach I really needed a "touch up" and without knowing what a gifted woman I had been spending hours working in the same room with for quite some time, Roshandra one day asked me if I wanted her to help me with some Energy Healing. I wasn´t late to say Yes! She has helped me with my hip pain and to put my sacrum back in alignment. Her knowledge is magnificent! She has also helped my daughter with her feet, doing Reiki Healing and given us advice how to heal her so that she can go back to gymnastics, because that´s what she loves to do! I can´t be more thankful for the help we have got so far! Thank you Roshandra!"

Johanna Rosén, Holistic Practitioner

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cancer New Moon July 15, 2015 by Roshandra ~ Blood Moon series and this New Moon

Moon in Cancer, her home sign she is in.  Emotions, Soul, Mother, WATER and Ocean of Feelings.
WHY is this CANCER NEW MOON so significant?
Blood Moon series completes in September 2015

The Moon is in her natural SIGN when in CANCER.  Our homes, the shells we carry to protect our sensitive selves from the world and emotional trauma and drama from.  It is all connected to the inner experience of our SOUL and the Watery realms of the amniotic and dream-like states of our being spirit in a human body.   OUR Souls with this Cancer Moon is FEELING everything and we are navigating new inner space and cosmic worlds from this soul contact with the heaves and waters of our lives now.   CANCER MOON needs nourishing, it needs dream time and home to be quiet, calm, and introspective so we may HEAL and also Flourish in our seeding of this NEW Energy into our Lives now.  THE PAST must be cleansed, cleared and we are ready now to begin this new WORLD we all dream of in this Awakening period of the Sophia Gaia Earth changes.   DREAMS create the magic of this NEW Reality.   

The Blood Moon series moves into the fourth Moon in September and this July Cancer new moon is our final clearing for the past and preparation for the new.  No stone will be left unturned and we must let go of what no longer serves us and we must move with what nourishes our souls and lives now.    We must be both SOFT and yet HARD in a SEA SHELL that is made from the grit of what we have come through and yet in the EBB and FLOW of what is transpiring.  NEW BEGINNINGS are coming.

Message from Roshandra, Arch ANGEL GABRIEL rules the moon and feminine water flows.
For CLEARING Sessions or Guidance of Soul Path, please go to the WEB Site  or to the Page here on the BLOG for scheduling sessions.  Namaste ....