Friday, April 26, 2013

Loving thyself...

Self LOVE   note to 'self' be kind to myself all day and loving...
Self Love by Roshandra
we are daily bombarded with all the needs of others and schedules that take of along in hurry mode.  We need those moments to ourselves when we can close the door to everyone and take care of ourselves.  Giving love and caring to others is part of how we as women are and can be.  It is that moment though we allow ourselves to place our feet up and have a cup of tea or coffee and take in the solitude.  When we do, an amazing thing occurs.  Self Love and Self Nurtanace.

Self love is one of the most challenging phases we all must eventually come to.  Once we do...we begin to feel and sense how much love we give away to others and this we need for ourselves from ourselves at times.  This lesson is by far one most misunderstood.  It is not selfishness nor narcissistic.  Those are other issues.  It is the ability to set boundaries while taking time for ourselves.  It is in that quiet of our inner love we find the most profound feeling of this giving to ourselves our own Selves.  What we freely give away we can finally experience this for ourselves.

Healthy self love is the gift we give ourselves.   Try it.  You will be grateful and understand fully of what i am sharing and saying.   I smile to all of you reading this and coming into this Light of your own Hearts and your Love....

Blessings Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael 

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