Thursday, December 6, 2012

Clearing processes

Letting Go...

The process of 'letting go' is complex.  All of these denser energies, emotions, and pain is due to the withheld mixtures of those emotions, karma and lessons for growth and the way the ego attaches to a matter and where we can Heal.   All healing is self healing but it takes someone HOLDING the Healing RESONANCE in a Soul session to aid your own System to CLEAR, To Understand, To Trust the FEELINGS that want to come up and LET GO and in that process ONE HEALS.  Letting go is about some of the inner work we each can do on ourselves but the deeper long lasting wounds or lessons are there to be 'aided' with another that holds Healing and Wisdom to guide and aid the process.  This is with knowledge, and intuitive knowing and angelic and awareness to move through the space of safety and light that aids this natural process of Healing and CLEARING...

There are moments we just CRY and let go via seeing a Sunset beauty or a Film that touches or reading a poem or verse from a Book.  "Triggers' for our healing abound and are all around us. Often a pet or animal we see ourselves in and healing of frequency can happen in that moment of soul touching and spirit coming to us through them.  Nature is the same as it holds a frequency and it is very Balancing.  Nature is filled with nature spirits and fairies and the elements of which our human body nature is made of. Water, Air, Fire, Earth...  

Many love to work with 7 Dimensional Spirit beings ...ANGELS.  Since childhood my own life has been touched with Arch Angel Raphael and Nature and the Saints. Later as my own Path moved me the awareness of the Ascended Masters and St.Germain and Native American Elders became very present around me.  Everyone has a Guardian Angel with them and many of us have multiple angels and the Blessings of Arch Angels.  The Buddha, the CHRIST, the Magdalene, Virgin Mary and Kuan Yin and Tibetan masters and Deity.  It all depends upon your personal spiritual nature and what works best within your own framework and mind set.  

All LETTING go is about 'surrender' to oneself and the Divine Light you are from Within your own Self.  There is a Wisdom and Softness of nature there always watching over us and aiding us and waiting and allowing.  A loving unconditional parent or as some say our witness loving self.  However you see this or look at this there is a feeling that something is there that is part of ourselves that we 'touch upon' and feel the nourishment of this love and self healing.  

We register these 'pains' through incarnations and time experiences and dimensional selves.  Most are merely aware of this life and this body and this time.  Letting go in this experience is very powerful and very healing.  It can be that simple as the energy is recorded within our own energy bodies and in the SAMSKARAS  ...  we carry forth from past lifetimes the lessons, unfinished business with another or others, and we NEED TO PURIFY out those Samskaras so our Energy FLOWS within our Meridians and energy Body well.   This also helps to CLEAR the blocks, the remembering of our connection to the Self, and Harmony and often then moves one to BLISS Alignment of Chakras and ENLIGHTENMENT.

Counseling is by TRIGGERING the process of LETTING GO...
the Other Form of LETTING go is through working with PUJA for PURIFICATION...
and by being around those that RESONATE in Harmony and your own Resonance returns to a Harmonious field of frequency... Nature will do this also and LETTING Go happens.

Blessings Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael
Reiki Master...Shasta Ascension Retreats and Gatherings in California
on line ...long distance Healing and Clearing ...Counseling sessions. Namaste 

The Samskāra are a series of Sacraments, Sacrifices and Rituals that serve as rites of passage and mark the various stages of the Human life and to signify entry to a particular Ashrama. All Human beings, especially the Dvija or twice-born are required to perform a number of sacrifices with oblations for gods, Ancestors and Guardians in accordance with the Vedic dictums for a Dharmic or righteous life.

Sanskar is a commonly used variant of the Sanskrit word 'Samskara' and signifies cultural heritage and upbringing in modern Hindi. Apart from the practices, the word "Samskāra" is used in communication denoting the upbringing criteria of a Hindu. For example- It is said that a boy with good Samskāra does right and it is supposed that he will not fall in sin, i.e. Lust, Anger and Wine. It may be concluded that Samskāra is a word to denote the qualitative quality among Hindus.

Most Vedic rituals consist of Homa - fire sacrifies of elaborate and intrinsic designs and complex methodology, accompanied by recitation of Vedas  fire offerings of various ingredients, gifts to be given in charity, presence of elders for blessings, amidst sanctified sacrificial grounds, sacred herbs and good omens. Each important milestone of a Human life is to be celebrated by undertaking a particular Samskara wherein the significance of that milestone is ritualistically conveyed.   


  1. Testimony from client...Jessica

    Jessica Lynn
    I met Roshandra in the spring of 2012 because of our love for Mt Shasta and the area around it.

    Roshandra helped me move some stuck energy that had me living in a place that did not support me or my fur family. She did a puja for me which I followed through on that moved me to my perfect place in a very short amount of time.

    I have done the full and new moon candle work with Roshandra for the past year and it is amazing how she can line up the work, meditations, colors et al with what is going on on the planet and I can share with you that it further helped me to heal issue in my life, move me to a new and wonderful home, and helped me to build my business as well.

    Roshandra does amazing work and is an amazing person and healer!


  2. Tamara García I met Roshandra Simone last year, and read her amazing post everyday since then. But last saturday I asked her to have a reading and some clearing with her, and I have to say the sensations ang vibrational frequence I sensed of her energy near mine is so amazing, protective, full of love and deeply purifies the moment and "bad clouds" I was inside at this moment. Specially clarifying and cleaning a bit for an old relationship that still have me hooked to him (or he tries not to release me energeticcally...), he should back off, couse he´s my past. By the other hand, she gave me very nice tips and counselling about my professional life, love life and in general, focusing some points I chose. ## Thanks Roshandra, for your luminous help and guidance. Namasté _()_
    14 March at 07:39