Thursday, January 17, 2013

Full Moon and New Moon PUJA Meditation Classes with Roshandra * Arch Angel Gabriel

Full and New Moon bi monthly PUJA Classes on going on LINE....

                    the energies of the moon cycles and planetary alignments are very powerful in aiding one on personal growth, insights, and creating with this lunar energy manifesting and seeding during those doorway times.  PUJA is a type of OFFERING or Ritual done in periods of influence with spirit and Lunar Light.  Very Ancient and of a higher nature of working with our lives and pathways...

                    here is my link on facebook to reach me to join on the bi monthly three day classes...

and the testimony that follows is one of my clients that worked with my services and Pujas to help her move to a new beautiful location and also the classes....Blessings Roshandra * Arch Angel Gabriel

Jessica Lynn
I met Roshandra in the spring of 2012 because of our love for Mt Shasta and the area around it. 

Roshandra helped me move some stuck energy that had me living in a place that did not support me or my fur family. She did a puja for me which I followed through on that moved me to my perfect place in a very short amount of time. 

I have done the full and new moon candle work with Roshandra for the past year and it is amazing how she can line up the work, meditations, colors et al with what is going on on the planet and I can share with you that it further helped me to heal issue in my life, move me to a new and wonderful home, and helped me to build my business as well.

Roshandra does amazing work and is an amazing person and healer!


Gabriella Crombie Aries Full Moon October 8, 2014 PUJA 3 day CLASS with Roshandra

I would love to share how my first PUJAS experience has been for me it was so powerful and quick manifestations.So I focused on work and Roshandra Simone had said the angels were supporting me with it. I'm a professional life model and work came in on Thursday for Friday..Abundance as well £120 for the day and I had the most amazing experiences with the Angels also I was in the zone and there was no concept of time I was in a pose for five hours with just two 5min breaks total stillness in the sunshine streaming through the window while in deep meditation where I saw blue,green,violet and golden light when I closed my eyes.It was so amazing xxxxx

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