Friday, February 22, 2013

Self Nourishment ...Self Love by Roshandra

Self Nurturing and Self Love creates a more LOVING Balanced 'you' by Roshandra February 22, 2013

LOVE and loving the self...

we all have 'busy' lives and often are running on 'empty or coping' so we can keep all the balls in the air'  and manage all we do.  Women are always giving and often we over commit and then hit our moments when 'we need to be given to.'  When that wall comes we often find we are alone and have to tend to this ourselves.  It is a message to not let ourselves get that low on our energy and self love. 

Setting boundaries is often hard but we find the lesson of giving when we should not be and standing back to witness vs pouring all we are out on others all the time.

we can begin to see when we get low and need to TEND to our own NEEDS.
When we do we begin to re-Balance and find our own Love from within and our stress fades.

Replenishing yourself.

Soak in a warm tube with PINK Salt to detox your energy and body.
Get a massage or just a foot massage.
Take in a movie by yourself
Walk in the forest or head to the lake or ocean
Pack up your yoga clothing and do pilates.
Put your music head set on and listen to classical music.
do whatever you need to do for 'YOU" and self NOURISH.

Light a candle, pink of course.
Read a book
Window shop
Have a latte or tea
Pet a dog or kitty
Go to an Art museum
aromatherapy oils....lavender or rose
Take a trip to a local nursery and smell the flowers.
Listen to the sounds of the ocean or a waterfall.

All of these simple tools are easily within hands reach and most are FREE.

you can also contact me if you need to schedule an energy or angelic clearing session.
when you begin to Clear and RECEIVE you begin to feel Nurtured and FILLED up again.
 REMEMBER try to not let your energy get that low and notice how you nee to Take Care of YOU.
a friend works too but remember to not drain them with your problems too.
SELF NOURISHMENT is the BEST gift you can give yourself.

Blessings Roshandra 
Arch Angel Raphael

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