Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TOUGH changes, past four Blood Moon cycles and HUGE Cleansings going on.. LET GO by Roshandra REIKI master

 Hi everyone, my goodness it is been INTENSE, TOUGH and on going deeply PURGING out inner gunk and stuff and patterns along with grief and exhaustion.
WHY are we going through so Much?  
Dream time is exhausting.
Our acceleration and time line merging is all part of this and the collapsing 3rd Dimensional way we function.  Our night sleep is filled with processes, other dimensional downloads and our own messages sometimes as guidance too.   Because we are a major energy rising field of experience 'change' we must all go through what is termed our body consciousness and our spirit of our Soul awakening so both parts embody together into our vessel this LIGHT we are.   Our Soul is in your body.  Our LIGHT or crystalline light self or Spirit is the consciousness that carries a connection to what is called SOURCE or God or Unified Field of creation.   It is meant to be with our human now experience and in this incarnation we chose to be in the changes on our planet to be part of.  Humanity is changing to embody this aspect of self as Higher Light and be on this RIDE with the planet Awakening Herself of Sophia Gaia.  She is a LIVING Spirit too.   We are all dealing with huge emotional waves of feelings and collective dharma shifting and consciousness breaking open through this Christ Mind.   

If you need some aid in CLEARING or RETREAT to Shasta for quiet or Healing and GUIDANCE please do email for setting up a session or booking a retreat.  Also, FENG SHUI energy long distance or in person house clearing and consultation for Feng Shui for home or business or grid ley line clearing.  This is all part of the services and work that I provide for clients.  

There are on going bi-monthly moon PUJA classes with Meditation and Puja for each person for the doorway energies and manifesting with this Lunar focus time.  VERY POWERFUL how this works and aids process or further clearing of your energy FIELD.   

Namaste Roshandra, 
Arch ANGEL Raphael 

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