Monday, August 24, 2015

THE Moon, the moon, THE MOON MADNESS by Roshandra

THE MOON energy and the portal doorway this is for you/us if you meditate on the FULL MOON and the NEW MOON each key phase cycle WHY?.....

We are experiencing a direct relationship to these 
LUNAR key times two times a month and a LUNAR influence like never before felt.  WHY?   Well, partly due to this AWAKENING of Conscious and our Ascension of our Planet SOPHIA Gaia Earth into higher energy planes now.   It is all connected.  Our Moon is a doorway to other Dimensions and something more too.
Our SOULS..the Psyche in our nature is influenced by the 3 days that leads up to a Full or New moon phase and 3 days through the moon phase.  THIS means that 6 to 7 days a month times two or around 12-14 days which is half the month, we//you are in the energy pull of the PSYCHIC realms and 4th Dimensional ASTRAL zones.  
The MOON as she is becoming more keyed to this process and alignment going on with the other planets, galactic energies and our own earth, sun and this moon energy, we are sensing something BIG coming around Revealing this EVENT to us.
THE MOON is a doorway and to higher Dimensions or a Portal or GATEWAY.
On the moon there are 'bases' and on the dark side of our moon are many stations of other forms of visiting lives that are space originated.  What does that all mean?  Well as things reveal themselves, we are feeling this LUNAR LUNACY MADNESS. 
Did we land on the MOON?
 Was it contrived?
 Is the MOON more than a reflective mass in the sky that sits stationary?
Is there LIFE up there more than the MAN IN THE MOON?
Meantime if you MEDITATE on the MOON KEY TIMES, get quiet, go inward, you will be aligning now with some psyche level energies that will guide you into seeing what this energy is meant to aid you/us with.  What it is meant to do.
It SHIELDS us and it is a BROADCASTING Body that SHEDS reflective LIGHT down upon us and KINDLES our DREAMS, Moves our Ocean Tides and Waves and it is the ROMANCE of something unspoken. 

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Thank you and MOON BLESSINGS

PISCES FULL MOON August 29th, 2015
COMING 4th BLOOD MOON September 28th, 2015
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