Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DIVINE FEMININE and 12:12:2015 Changes you are all FEELING and why?

On 12:12 we experience a major WAVE of energy that has caused a major WAKE up and SHAKE up.  A rapid peeling off of blocks, Awakening and CHANGES...  We are in a LIGHT upshift process that are moving through self-purging, false flags around the world that that SEE now is an orchestrated ongoing event for miss purposes, and your own energy BODY FEELS something within your realm of sensing this CHANGE.   Time lines are in flux, but spiritual energies are RISING and as things come together you will begin to sense all of this.  

The DIVINE FEMININE, through the Earth, Sophia Gaia is being experience as her LIGHT is rising now.  Many feel it in their body, from under their feet and also in a large beautiful white spirit light connecting to them, protecting them, and giving us this feeling of Earth Mother Divine FEMININE energy.   It is amazing right now.  The purity of this, the sense of grounding to the earth as a spirit body of light and as a human being.  We are truly in an amazing Change,

Namaste, Blessings Roshandra * Arch ANGEL GABRIEL  Arch ANGEL RAPHAEL

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