Friday, January 26, 2018

CANCER Full moon January 31, 2018 and Eclipse by Roshandra * Arch ANGEL GABRIEL

Hello everyone  It has been a while since I posted on my blog and YIKES been so busy.
VERY INTENSE end of this month coming
Message from Roshandra * Arch ANGEL GABRIEL
Get ready for an emotional and self nourishment time and a ride as waves of emotional charges and residual wounds will COME UP.
We are all GOING THROUGH FEELING "OFF" lately due to the major Planetary energy swings and upshifts. Political world is in a re-booting with President TRUMP love or hate him, but he is part of this mix and is helping on Chaos so things can break open after the clearing and delving deep down into the Swamp of D.C and other aspects to this world agenda. WE ARE all in changes and necessary for people to WAKE UP and break the Cognitive Dissonance and SEE what is really been going on before our EYES. So much CORRUPTION and Mis-use of money and agendas.
NOW, as to the Planetary impacts and lunar influence and changes and how this charges our own bodies and emotions.
THE MOON IS A SENDING sphere for a PULSE that goes out and impacts our tidal waves and our psychic astral dimensions. PEOPLE FEEL the moon time and either PURGE, DREAM, Act out stuff or in some cases can actually WORK with the TIME via Meditation and QUIET and Focus. THE MOON impacts all of us whether you wish to admit it or not.'s a Satellite positioned to do something we barely understand other than the fact it does NOT ROTATE.
THIS MOON is in CANCER and there will be a major what is called a BLOOD MOON it is going to be INTENSE and EMOTIONS and old SHELLS will break you open and self purging will go on as well as PURIFICATION. via emotions and the SOUL of the matter. You cannot avoid or SIDE-STEP this and remain in a SHELL.
There is a MOON-PUA on line 3 day class I offer to help those Sensitive and Lunar types navigate this time. Please contact me privately to sign up for the class and there is tuition. Do tell your friends and ask questions. BLESSINGS Roshandra * Arch ANGEL GABRIEL



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