Saturday, February 27, 2021

Life a year later re Covid


Everyone has been going through a 'life' change with this CV-19 matter.  OUR LIVES All have been put either 'on hold' or looks oddly like we are walking through a medical ER facility.   REALITY has become a 'masked' visual as we 'stay home' and watch our FREEDOMS erode before our very eyes. 

How much of this impacts you?
Healthy IMMUNE SYSTEMS need AIR to breathe, Exercise even with our gyms closed down and eat organic and healthy foods. Lots of pure water flushes the body of toxins and wastes and hydrates the system.   

We are mostly working REMOTELY now as well as schools have a new Hybrid on-line class room way it functions.   

UGH to say the lease.
We don't see faces or smiles now or a warmth of contact with others.  

Many states managed to adapt and create safety for people following the science.  
Wearing a mask has 'side effects' with other problems such as depressing the immune system.  We NEED to 'breathe' as well as expelling carbon dioxide.   Research this too.    

Is this a BIO-Weapon from some dark agenda trying to create something to thin out the populate?  Look into all of this with clearness of information.   Herd immunity is part of the process along with good immune systems.  

It's an interesting time to say the lease.   

Research this and find the balance in it all.  

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