Sunday, April 20, 2014

ASCENSION ...Awakening..with the Body Temple

This amazing and INTENSE GRAND CARDINAL Cross and the FOUR Blood Moons with Eclipses is Initiating a NEW Epic CYCLE and a Golden AGE.  We are going through this collectively and personally.  The energy of this is a HUGE HIGH Wave of LIGHT that will purge inner issues, healing, core wounds, past lifetime collective issues and ASCENSION.   Ascension with the body is KEY.  Detoxing, eating nutritionally light foods, exercise, moving to locations where 'energy' is a higher healthier frequency, living in homes or where we live in a Sacred way also balanced with Nature.
ALL of this is CHANGING...Ascension with your Body Temple and GAIA SOPHIA

Ascension  PARIS France ROSE LEY LINE Gathering workshops -

Mt.Shasta SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2014  Ascension THREE day Retreat Gathering
Panther MEADOW where St.Germain took his Ascension at SHASTA

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