Sunday, April 20, 2014


With the on going GRAND CARDINAL CROSS Alignment there is a tremendous amount of energy WAVE causing shifts in our own body energy and cleansing out inner patterns of the past.  Awakening.

Tools to work with...

Daily baths in half a cup baking soda and half a cup of HIMALAYAN PINK SALT in a tub to DETOX. This is one of the BEST ways to clear your energy, help you on detoxing and decording energies absorbed from others in process.

Other option is Sea Salt and Baking soda OR Epsom salts.

You may add fresh LAVENDER oil or SPRIGS of it into the bath or on your skin, the oil after.

During this time eat lighter.  Detox is easy by having JUICES, fresh greens and ginger and various combinations.  Apples also for clearing the colon with fresh water for a day.  Also Bragg's APPLE Cider vinegar with water for a tonic detox drink.   You can also do a fresh full lemon and honey in fresh water daily to help the liver and detoxing.

GREENS in the diet and walking outside in nature to exercise.

White candle at night or a pink one for TLC and meditate.

These are some basic tools that will center, calm and ground you back to quiet.

Have a foot rub.
Have a massage when you can.
Do yoga.
Classical music listen to

I also offer a Bi-MONTHLY on going FULL Moon and NEW Moon  THREE day ON LINE Facebook classes on PUJA and MOON energies with meditation.  This strengthens your own energy AURA and also helps one to ALIGN with SPIRIT and clears your frequency to rebalance itself.   Please email me on gmail or contact me here or via FACEBOOK....BHAKTI YOGA and MOON PUJA time.

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