Monday, April 21, 2014

Paris FRANCE and the VENUS LOVE Grid

Paris France and the ROSE LEY LINE Alchemy Gathering and Workshop.  THE VENUS LOVE Grid.
With the Grand Cardinal CROSS Activation in the Heavens and this series of Blood moons and Sirius the energy coming down and in is HOT on some locations more then others.  In PARIS at the LOUVRE and a few other key places this is so directly "ON" with Portals and Doorways in this LEY LINE opening for downloads of new CODE Frequencies to embody.  

THE LOUVRE is a MAGIC Square and Art the doorways along with this ALCHEMY of change at the moment being TURNED on...

Please do email 'me', Roshandra as i am traveling now and teaching in this GRID.  If you are interested in small groups, or personal one on ones i can arrange that.  I am currently traveling between FRANCE and ENGLAND and will be teaching an ASCENSION  retreat September 22nd, 2014 at Mt.SHASTA California ....

Ascension with the body and the lower three key chakras for grounding and anchoring your physical bodies and your anchoring your light crystalline bodies.      IN PARIS in FRANCE now you are in a PRIME Location for this NEW ENERGY and VENUS and then Sirius and CYGNUS energies regarding TRUE TWIN LOVE much is activated and downloading and Portal doorways to walk through and activate and assimilate.    My groups with me are all those on Higher PATHS OF  this new 5 D energy and SERVICE.  Also Paths of UNIFIED field of LOVE.  And Paths of TRUE LOVE Matches.
Units of DIVINE souls that have come in to finally meet and do their respect mission works.  Blessings Roshandra * Arch ANGEL Raphael....Paris FRANCE...Rose Ley line Gathering

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