Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cancer New Moon July 15, 2015 by Roshandra ~ Blood Moon series and this New Moon

Moon in Cancer, her home sign she is in.  Emotions, Soul, Mother, WATER and Ocean of Feelings.
WHY is this CANCER NEW MOON so significant?
Blood Moon series completes in September 2015

The Moon is in her natural SIGN when in CANCER.  Our homes, the shells we carry to protect our sensitive selves from the world and emotional trauma and drama from.  It is all connected to the inner experience of our SOUL and the Watery realms of the amniotic and dream-like states of our being spirit in a human body.   OUR Souls with this Cancer Moon is FEELING everything and we are navigating new inner space and cosmic worlds from this soul contact with the heaves and waters of our lives now.   CANCER MOON needs nourishing, it needs dream time and home to be quiet, calm, and introspective so we may HEAL and also Flourish in our seeding of this NEW Energy into our Lives now.  THE PAST must be cleansed, cleared and we are ready now to begin this new WORLD we all dream of in this Awakening period of the Sophia Gaia Earth changes.   DREAMS create the magic of this NEW Reality.   

The Blood Moon series moves into the fourth Moon in September and this July Cancer new moon is our final clearing for the past and preparation for the new.  No stone will be left unturned and we must let go of what no longer serves us and we must move with what nourishes our souls and lives now.    We must be both SOFT and yet HARD in a SEA SHELL that is made from the grit of what we have come through and yet in the EBB and FLOW of what is transpiring.  NEW BEGINNINGS are coming.

Message from Roshandra, Arch ANGEL GABRIEL rules the moon and feminine water flows.
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