Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Recent Client Sarah Rachel Adams from UK

Recently a truly lovely LIGHT-WORKER  Sarah Rachel Adams from England
   A LOVELY soul and person doing her Light Work 
and VISIONARY. and soul had a CLEARING Session with me long distance to the UK where she is.    Sarah Adams Rachel.     Her session was about clearing energies and answering some questions and also aiding her process and grounding.

Often I find clearing work shows up with some souls doing major work helping the Planet and are often part of the changes we all are FEELING and need what is called a "SORTING" out and "CLEARING energies" from those that they are HELPING.  The CLEARING work that i do LONG-DISTANCE is gentle, but very powerful.  IT MOVES energy, energy cords, karma, and past karma off the person easily that I am aiding in a session.  Raising their energy and gaining CLARITY they feel a lot lighter, more safely grounded after and often in a session QUESTIONS are answered on some old standing wounds or patterns or recent shifts they are in.

WE all go through this on going PURIFICATION and CLEARING as we are Awakening many aspects of our Soul and DIMENSIONAL selves and our LIGHT BODIES.

Sarah is a Natural SENSITIVE Soul, beautiful Heart centered being and very much gifted and helping others to heal or share insights in her Visionary talks she does.   She is a TAURUS WITH DOUBLE CANCER IN HER CHART. Sarah shares healing and planetary information with others through her videos on u tube and her 'talks' through THE BASES channel in England and on her own channel.

Sarah Rachel Adams You do great reiki..anyone who needs reiki I recommend Roshandra Simone
Yesterday at 11:58am ·July 14, 2015 from Sarah...

Blessings Roshandra * Arch ANGEL Raphael 
 Reiki Master  and Long Distance Clearing and Energy work
 Also Ley Lines, Grids and FENG SHUI.. 

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  1. ... or maybe she truly embraces Matthew 18:3...🙏🏼