Monday, July 20, 2015

Recent Client in Silicon Valley. Holistic Practitioner Johanna Rosen

Hi Roshandra,

I´m just finishing up at home today before leaving for Sweden in the afternoon:-) Hope you had a great weekend!

I just wrote a testimony for you:  July 20, 2015
"I´m a Holistic Practitioner spending lots of time working at Bayclub Cupertino, where I also met Roshandra the first time. Even living and working with a holistic approach I really needed a "touch up" and without knowing what a gifted woman I had been spending hours working in the same room with for quite some time, Roshandra one day asked me if I wanted her to help me with some Energy Healing. I wasn´t late to say Yes! She has helped me with my hip pain and to put my sacrum back in alignment. Her knowledge is magnificent! She has also helped my daughter with her feet, doing Reiki Healing and given us advice how to heal her so that she can go back to gymnastics, because that´s what she loves to do! I can´t be more thankful for the help we have got so far! Thank you Roshandra!"

Johanna Rosén, Holistic Practitioner

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